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Relative terms, philosophy: relative terms are expressions that refer to a relation. This relation does not always have to be made explicit in the everyday language. Examples are verbs such as "believe", but also prepositions such as "before". Other types of terms are singular terms, general terms, abstract terms, and combinations such as abstract singular terms. See also opacity, intensions, propositions, relations.

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I 270
Opaque verb: hunting lions puts nothing in relation, does not denote a Lion - Relative Term: police chases a man.
I 370 ~
E.g. Paul and Elmar: believing does not produce sentences like saying - cannot be decided: that Paul believes true and Elmar does not. - If truth value does not matter, believing is not a relative term - w believes x no predicate - w believes p: p no term.
I 439
Abstract term equator etc.: can and must be rephrased: closer to the equator than: relative term - Or by position of the sun - four-dimensional coordinates Space-Time (quintuple, Hyper bodies, not Cartesian) > reintroduction of geometrical objects to the Space-Time points.
V 86
Relative general term: smaller than, mother of (no observation term) - relative mass term/(material term): darker than, redder than - points are taken in pairs - absolute mass term: is dark. - Absolute general term: is small - gemeral term/(s): can therefore be a noun (e.g. dog))?

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