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Redundancy theory: comprises the thesis that nothing is added to a true sentence when it is said that it is true. In other words, each sentence asserts its own truth; the appending of the truth predicate "is true" would thus be redundant. See also judgment, truth theory, truth definition, deflationism, minimalism, disquotationalism, all that he said is true, predication.
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Brandom I 471
Redundancy theory/Dummett/Brandom: presumes the content of the non-semantic assertion against which the semantic assertion ("it is true that ...") is redundant - DummettVsDeflationism: therefore deflationism cannot explain the propositional content through truth conditions - (although everything has truth conditions).
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III 13
Truth/Redundancy Theory/Dummett: the singular term which appears in P, has its indirect reference object in "It s true that P, i.e. its meaning - E.g. "A unicorn has one horn": without truth value - but "It is true that a unicorn has one horn": false - divergence of "P" and "It is true that P".
III 17
Redundancy Theory/Dummett: indicates that our explanation states the whole meaning of "true and" false" - problem: if we accept the redundancy theory, the explanation is obstructed by the truth theory - ((s) because it requires a bivalent logic.)
III 226
Redundancy Theory: the thesis, that the equivalence thesis provides an exhaustive explanation of the truth concept. - Equivalence thesis: "P is true" comes out at the same thing as "p" - DummettVs: does not explain the understanding of linguistic meaning, there must be something that goes beyond this, because we understand the special meaning of "is true".

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