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Reductionism, philosophy: reductionism is a collective term for attempts, to either trace back statements in a subject area to statements from a sub-area of this subject area or equating statements of a subject area with statements of another subject area. The main point here is the justification of such transfers. Reductionism in the narrower sense is the thesis that reduction is possible. Typical reductionisms exist in the domain of the philosophy of mind. See also holism, eliminativism, materialism, physicalism, functionalism.

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I 138
Def reductionism/Fodor: roughly speaking, the connection of the token ph. with the assumption that there are natural-kind predicates in ideal complete physics corresponding to the natural-kind predicates in all ideally completed individual sciences. - Reductionism: nat-kind predicate = nat-kind predicate - Fodor thesis: reductionism is too strong a requirement for the individual sciences. - 142 I argued that the co-extensions are nomologically necessary! - Bridge laws are laws! - FodorVs - I 143 reductionism does not guarantee an adequate vocabulary for all individual cases .
I 144
Def reductionism: nat-kind predicates correspond to nat-kind p (or the kinds are coextensive)-
Def token physicalism: event = event. - Def type physicalism: property = property.

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J. Fodor/E. Lepore
Holism Cambridge USA Oxford UK 1992

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