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Reality, philosophy: it is controversial, which should be counted to reality, that is to say, the set of objects and states which occur in the world. Theories partially differ strongly regarding the definitions of facts and situations or the consideration of internal states of subjects. Thus, a situation can be described in many ways, whereby very different assumptions about the involved objects and relations come into play. See also ontology, realism, recognition, epistemology, constructivism, fact, situations, internal/external, totality, relations, simulation.
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I 5
Given/givenness/reality: key point: that the empirical knowledge has its basis in a non-inferential knowledge of facts. (Non-inferentially: = immediately). Even when non-inferential knowledge is about facts, not about objects. It seems, therefore, that sensation cannot determine knowledge.
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Rorty I 112
SellarsVs "myth of the given": we imagine incorrigibility simply as a function of social practice.
Sellars: "It may turn out that there are no colored objects at all."
RortyVs: this holistic statements sound senseless and paradox because the questioned accuracy requires a theory of privileged representations. Pro: Justification is not a function of special relations between ideas (or words) and objects, but a function of social practice. The justification of a conversation is, so to speak, holistic by nature.
McDowell I 164
Given/Sellars: nothing is given what does not lie within the evolving system of beliefs.
Myth: the supposedly rational reference of experiences on beliefs.

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