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Reality, philosophy: A. It is controversial, which should be counted to reality, that is to say, the set of objects and states which occur in the world. Theories differ strongly regarding the definitions of facts and situations or the consideration of internal states of subjects. Thus, a situation can be described in many ways, whereby very different assumptions about the involved objects and relations come into play. See also ontology, realism, recognition, epistemology, constructivism, facts, situations, internal/external, totality, relations, simulation. B.Reality is an expression for the totality of what is opposed to the perception of subjects and not only imagined. In this sense, reality is what is independent of us; on the other hand, some authors regard their formability as proof of their existence. See also dependence, independence, possibility, necessity, actualism, realism, idealism, constructivism, present, simulation, aboutness, circularity, objects, things, order.

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Reality/Maturana: there is no independently given reality from the experience.
I 133
Reality/object/Maturana: every object is an object with properties that determine the distinctions in a space which is formed by these properties - reality: an area which is determined by the operation of the observer.
I 134
Reality/Maturana: 1. How is it possible that humans speak as closed autopoietic systems about objects? - Because we produce them the in first place - 2. if language is behavior in a consensual area, how is it possible that individually experienced events can be predicted - in any case predictions are realized as actual experience, that means as actual states of the organism.
I 202
Reality/objects/items/Maturana: outside language there are no objects - Objectivity arises in language as a dealing with objects - Object: operational relation in the process of language action - langauge action: operations in the field of structural coupling - the body changes.
I 224
E.g. Big Bang: it also is an explanation of the life practise of the observer - it is always linked to the ontology of the oberver - in this alone its reality consists.

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Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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