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Reality, philosophy: it is controversial, which should be counted to reality, that is to say, the set of objects and states which occur in the world. Theories partially differ strongly regarding the definitions of facts and situations or the consideration of internal states of subjects. Thus, a situation can be described in many ways, whereby very different assumptions about the involved objects and relations come into play. See also ontology, realism, recognition, epistemology, constructivism, fact, situations, internal/external, totality, relations, simulation.
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I 18ff
Reality/world/Goodman: The many materials from which one generates worlds - matter, energy, waves, phenomena - are produced together with the worlds. But not from nothing, but from other worlds. Our creation is re-creation.
The beginning should be left to theology. No hope of firm foundation.
The talk of unstructured content or given contradicts itself, because speech cannot be unstructured.
I 18
Kant: the concept of a pure content is empty.
I 34
... should we stop speaking of right versions as if each world would be its own and should all be recognized as versions of one and the same neutral, underlying world? Goodman thesis: The world which is regained like this is, as noted earlier, a world without kinds, without order, without movement, without peace and without structure. - A world fighting for or against is not worth it.
II 70f
Reality/Goodman: the whole reality, also space and time are dependent on description, VsKant, VsSalmon, VsRead - conceivable: space-time points do not exist all the time. - Solution: sum object p + t
IV 44
Reality/Goodman: Nothing is realized by a mere decision. The admission that there are many standards of accuracy, can therefore not collapse the distinction between right and wrong.

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