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Reality, philosophy: it is controversial, which should be counted to reality, that is to say, the set of objects and states which occur in the world. Theories partially differ strongly regarding the definitions of facts and situations or the consideration of internal states of subjects. Thus, a situation can be described in many ways, whereby very different assumptions about the involved objects and relations come into play. See also ontology, realism, recognition, epistemology, constructivism, fact, situations, internal/external, totality, relations, simulation.
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Hacking I 62
"Really"/realism/Austin: 1st Ordinary language: "not really cream": to dismiss contemptuously - 2nd There is no clear methodological rule and consistent meaning of "realism".
"Really" does not add anything to a declaration - E.g. force lines are unlike electrons: there is nothing that consists of lines of force - FaradayVsSmart: the explanatory force stems from negation.
I 64
SmartVs: "Really" does not change the meaning, (of cream or of electrons) power lines are malleable - hence they exist. Even if the iron filings will be taken away (there were doubts about this before Faraday) - namely, the lines can be cut.
John L. Austin
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Hack I
I. Hacking
Einführung in die Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Stuttgart 1996

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