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Rational Reconstruction, theory of science, philosophy: rational reconstruction is a collective term for attempts to justify a theory by constructing models of it that meet certain requirements such as rationality, economy, area-specific adequacy and general validity as well as verifiability. Models are the structures which result from the use of designations for objects instead of the abstract designations used in the theorems. Models can only be created for consistent statements. See also reduction, interpretation, models, empiricism, rationality.

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XII 91
Definition rational reconstruction/Carnap/Quine: construction of physicalist statements of observation, of logical and set-theoretic terms. - QuineVsCarnap: Problem: if that had been successful, there would have been many such constructions, and each would seem equally satisfactory, if it was only shown that the physicalist statements are true - rational reconstruction was to show that all other scientific concepts are superfluous. - Vs: Problem: assignment of sense qualities to space-time points does not work. - Carnap later: only reduction sentences instead of context definition.
XII 94
Vs: the rational reconstruction would have to provide whole theories instead of translated sentences or translated terms.

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