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Rationality, philosophy: rationality is the ability of a being to consciously adapt to a situation due to the generalizations of his experiences. It can also be rational to want to learn something new. See also system, order, creativity, discoveries, evaluation, repetition.

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Rorty VI 63 et seq
Ratio/Putnam/Rorty: it is both transcendent and immanent. (Rorty pro, but different sense of "transcendent": "going beyond our present practice").
Putnam confuses the possibility that the future transcends the present, with the necessity that eternity transcends time.
Putnam V 152
Rationality/Putnam: we do not call on public norms to decide what is a rational argument in philosophy.
V 279f
Rationality/Fascism/Putnam: Problem: we cannot show that the goals of the "rational Nazis" are irrational. - Solution: the purposes are abominable, it is not about irrationality. - The Nazi is nevertheless irrational when he speaks of "Jewish conspiracy", etc. - I.e. he misrepresents his own goals.
V 281
VsFascism/Putnam: not the irrationality is the bad thing, but the deeds.
Definition Irrationality/Putnam: Objectives are called irrational, if they lead to misguided arguments for them.

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