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Ramsey sentence, theory of science, philosophy: the Ramsey sentence of a theory makes the assertion that the theoretical terms of this theory refer to objects if the theory is true. See also theoretical entities, theoretical terms, existence, interpretation, theories, observation language, reference.

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Pauen I 131
Ramsey sentence/Pauen: assume a theory defining a series of theoretical terms of mental states m1 ... mn as "pain", "joy", "sadness" ... by reference to stimuli i1, ... ip and reactions o1 ... oq. - The theory would thus have the form: T (M1. .. mn, i1 ... ip, o1 ... oq) - as Ramsey sentence we get, by combining all the propositions of the theory by conjunctions, makung up a single sentence - E.g. Ramsey sentence for the pain is: e x1 ... xn [T (x1. .. xn, i1 ... ip, o1 ... oq) & y has x2] - i.e. "a system y if and only if in the state x2 there are states in this system, which occupy the causal roles described in the theory T and y is in the second of these states" - avoids mentalistic terms.

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Pauen I
M. Pauen
Grundprobleme der Philosophie des Geistes Frankfurt 2001

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