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Quasi-Quotation, philosophy: is an expression for the form in which the citing of statements or parts of statements has to be done, which themselves contain variables. (See W.V.O. Quine, 1961, §6). Since different things can be inserted instead of these variables, the reference has to be established first or the missing reference must be indicated. Filling in formula data can be understood similarly. For example, one is not asked to write "date of birth", but to note down a value in the place [date of birth]. See also mentioning, use.

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I 206
Quasi-quotation marks/Quine: (half-square brackets): lets for all x[x] and x be the same - e.g. "[la.b]" for the same values of "a" and "b" the same object-language expression as above - Geach variant: E.g. for [Cicero] and [Cicero was more honest than Demosthenes] would simply be the terms "Cicero" and "Cicero was more honest than Demosthenes" - then "x" is a mere variable and not a proper name, but [x] is a proper name. - correct: for an x, x was a great orator, and [x] is the only proper name of a Roman, which occured in [x was more honest than Demosthenes] - quasi-quotation: but is not a name.

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Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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