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Qualities, philosophy: quality is an expression of the nature of objects or the form of properties. Today, it is no longer understood as a category but rather as the sum of the distinguishing features of an object. Properties of the objects like their size, mass, etc. count as objective or primary qualities, subjective (secondary) qualities are properties which are settled in the subject, e.g. color. See also quantities, qualia, subjectivity, objectivity, properties, features.

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Euchner I 48
Quality/Locke: force of an object to produce in us perceptions or ideas - primary qualities: inseparable from object: E.g. strength, extension, figure, movement/rest, number- secondary: cause effects in the outside world, that are projected back into the causing objects. - (in fact forces, no properties) - Eg.g a) colors, smells, etc. - b) softening of wax by heat (seen as a force).
Putnam I 175
Properties/qualities/Locke: primary: shape, position, size (objectively) - Secondary: colors, sounds, taste, smell (subjectively) - Locke: discards "substantial forms" (Middle Ages) (> "essential characteristics"): expressions for classification of "water" do not include in any sense features that are "real substances" of these things. - Berkeley: discards both primary and secondary properties - Kant: All properties secondary (for us) the question of the "essential features" of the thing in itself is meaningless (Put I 175)> E.g. Statue/clay.
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B. Russell, ABC of Relativity theory 22
Qualities/Locke/Russell: a) primarily: shape, position, size ("objective") - b) Secondary: colors, sounds, smells, tastes ("subjective").

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