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Qualia, philosophy: qualia are the sensory-like correspondences to properties perceived on external objects or processes. Problems arise in connection with the explanation of their origin and their comparability between individuals. See also phenomena, sensory perception, sensations, perceptions, stimuli, qualities, subjectivity, intersubjectivity, objectivity, inverted spectra, consciousness.
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Rorty VI 144
Qualia / Dennett: we believe in qualia and the phenomenological because we have made it our own, a certain amount of metaphors.

Rorty VI 145
Quality / Qualia / properties / DennettVsNagel / Rorty: there are no grades, there are only judgments.
Rorty VI 146
Qualia / Dennett: (Smart and Place ditto): How would it look if it were actually nothing more than a combination of electrochemical processes in your brain? - ((s) that would be exactly the same). ((s)> trick question).

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