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Propositional content, philosophy: The propositional content of a statement is what can be called true or false when the meaning is clear. The problem is how the situation and context can be made clear in the evaluation. Truth values cannot be attributed to any expressions below the sentence level. However, they have the potential to change the truth value of the whole sentence of which they are part. The following expressions correspond in this respect to the logical "and" - although, nevertheless, because, however, nonetheless. See also propositions, propositional attitudes, god example, identity conditions, opacity, content, translation.

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Definition descriptive content/propositional content/Sellars: that which is responsible for ensuring that anyone who sees something red, reacts with "red" - "even if the object only appears red" - the common descriptive content is what you say if the common propositional content was true - "((s)> counterfactual conditional - "((s) propositional content: truth value" - descriptive content: connected to behavior.
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Propositional content/Sellars: E.g. that the object is red - "common propositional content of a) seeing that the x is red -" b) that it seems like this would be red - "c) that it seems as if there is a red object - "((s) as practically "red" - Sellars: on the other hand: descriptive content: affects the different extent of affirmation.

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W. Sellars
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

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