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Principles, philosophy of science: physical principles are not the same as laws of nature. Rather, laws can be gained from principles or traced back to principles. Examples are the principle of the shortest time, the principle of the smallest effect, the uncertainty principle. See also theories, laws of nature, laws, natural constants.
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Vollmer I 197
Principles of the pure understanding / Kant / Vollmer: four groups: 1 Axioms of Intuition - Applicability of Euclidean geometry: a objects, b. states, and c. processes - 2 Anticipations of Perception (a. Continuity of space, b. continuity of the time, c. continuity of physical processes.) - 3 Analogies of Experience (a. persistence of substance b. universal causality, c. universal interaction of substances -. 4. Postulates of empirical thought in general (not principles, but definitions).
I. Kant
I Günter Schulte Kant Einführung (Campus) Frankfurt 1994
Externe Quellen. ZEIT-Artikel 11/02 (Ludger Heidbrink über Rawls)
Volker Gerhard "Die Frucht der Freiheit" Plädoyer für die Stammzellforschung ZEIT 27.11.03
Vo I
G. Vollmer
Die Natur der Erkenntnis Bd I Stuttgart 1988

G. Vollmer
Die Natur der Erkenntnis Bd II Stuttgart 1988

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