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Pragmatism, philosophy: the philosophical pragmatism deals mainly with the effects of our actions in the world. In particular, in the direction of pragmatism represented by W. James, truth is conceived as something that has proved useful or will prove useful. See also ideal assertiveness, truth, Peirce, Dewey, Rorty, Putnam.
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II 117
Very often past cases might be unexamined cases.
II 118f
GoodmanVsPragmatism: pragmatism has caused confusion here: by asserting that the truth lies in the accuracy of predictions. Does this mean that it counts only if the hypothesis about the future is true? Maybe the pragmatist thinks, you can only say something about past cases by future experiences ... + ..
  118/9 II
Vspragmatism, against pragmatism: we should remember that a hypothesis at a time can be unrefuted, although some of their recent applications in reality are false. They are just not yet recognized.

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