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Figal 101
Philosophy/Heidegger/Figal: also according to the conception of being and time, it is a liberation from the bonds of transmitted concepts, but if this liberation no longer leads to the free attention to the beginning of history, but to the actual structure of existence, the history in its essence is no longer historical. The structure of existence exists as long as existence exists.
I 102
Solution: Heidegger succeeds the breakthrough in the winter term 1931/32: interpretation of the cave-parable (Politeia). Liberation from fetters, but metaphor of light (for the time), openness, permeability,"liberate."
I 104
Freedom/Heidegger: Being and time: existence makes free - later: light makes free.
existence designs:
1. Art
2. Natural science
3. History
I 107
Art/Heidegger: neither "expression of experiences" nor pleasure. Instead, "the artist has the essential focus for the possible" to bring the hidden possibilities of beings to work.
Figal I 171
HeideggerVsPhilosophy: Vs Division into individual areas and thus scientificization.
Cardorff II 13
Philosophy/Heidegger/Cardorff: Heidegger's philosophy has no subject. It does not want to organize knowledge, make no statements, but create an event with its speech. "Passion for the useless". His philosophy propagates the domination of an admittedly dialogically unlegitimate speaking.
Cardorff II 36
Subject/object: HeideggerVs this traditional, space-creating differentiation. Instead: "Walten sui generis".
VsDichotomies: Truth/Untruth - Theory/Practice - Freedom/Necessity - Belief/Knowledge - Divine/Human - Vs Totality-constituting categories: Being as substance, happening as consciousness, God as prima causa, will as thing in itself. (HeideggerVsSchopenhauer).
Cardorff II 46
Development in Heidegger's work: the process of condensation, the difference between existence and being becomes lesser; the human makes up less as something withstanding and holding to something and more and more as an executing and fitting in. The difference between being and exist (ontological difference) tends to be stronger than the inner action of being itself.
Cardorff II 60
1. The thing about which it is can never be guilty of an incomprehension. It reigns as it reigns.
2. Heidegger is never to blame for an incomprehension; he is much too much into the thing.
3. The reader can want to be guilty, but ultimately is never guilty, because it is not he who blocks himself, but the one who is turning away.
4. It can always be assumed that Heidegger has been looking for uncertainty.
Cardorff II 69
Philosophy/Heidegger/Cardorff: Heidegger's texts draw the reader's attention, inter alia, as both meanings and meaning levels pass into one another. Heidegger is concerned with making it impossible to grasp the subject.
Cardorff II 102
Heidegger: all the evaluations of his philosophy are meaningless because they come from wrong questions.

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Martin Heidegger
Sein und Zeit Tübingen 1993

Figal I
Günter Figal
Martin Heidegger zur Einführung Hamburg 2016

Hei II
Peter Cardorff
Martin Heidegger Frankfurt/M. 1991

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