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Perspective: is the arrangement of objects as it arises with respect to the perception from a geometrical localization of the perceiver within an object space. In a broader sense, taking a foreign perspective also means taking the position of another person or group in the context of a discussion. See also bat example, foreign psychological.

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I 67
Perspective / Peacocke: an explanation of perspective sensitivity (e.g. response to displacement of the food) - it should make clear the dependence of body movements on changes of the location - but: the subject never needs to move, it just needs to have the ability of re-centering of the intentional network.
I 75
Behavior / perspective / Peacocke: if an entity displays perspective behavior, it will be correlated not only with changing sensation qualities of his experience, but also with everything else, with which the sensation features are correlated - but it does not follow that he has attitudes about his retinal irritation - therefore we need to have access to other content, related to the retina irritation.

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Pea I
Chr. R. Peacocke
Sense and Content Oxford 1983

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