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Perspective: is the arrangement of objects as it arises with respect to the perception from a geometrical localization of the perceiver within an object space. In a broader sense, taking a foreign perspective also means taking the position of another person or group in the context of a discussion. See also bat example, foreign psychological.
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Frank I 142 ff
Perspective/Nagel: is not something that is only accessible to a single individual - it is rather a type. - ((s) if we were unable to take the perspective of someone else, we would not know what the concept means - If perspective belonged only to us, the concept would exist just as little as Wittgenstein’s Beetle) - Nagel: it is the concepts which are bound to perspective, not the physical structure - hence the different structure of the bat is not an argument against understanding - we can give up our perspective in favor of another and yet mean same things. Frank I 145
I Nagel 52
Perspective/subjectivity/Nagel: there is no place where the perspectivist could settle.
Peacocke I 167
I/Nagel: I am not truer from one point of of view than from another - the world contains no points of view - no facts of the first person.

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