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Paratactic analysis, philosophy: the attempt to analyze a compound sentence by juxtaposing the complete sentences derived from it. E.g. the earth rotates. Galileo said that. With this, problems with the attribution of propositional attitudes or indirect speech should be avoided. See also propositions, propositional attitudes, quotation, opacity, all that he said is true.

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II 147ff
Paratactic analysis/Davidson: 1. avoids problems of the logical form of sentences with propositional attitudes - (purely significant position/not purely) - 2. prop. att. no longer refer to intensional entities - "The earth moves" is simply both times a meaningful expression - no reference to meaning - LoarVsDavidson: but this can be true only if there is something substantial behind it - KripkeVsVs: E.g. measuring: relates an object onto another, the standard meter - but if there were no standard meter, the object would still have a length - LoarVs: but that does not go for the meaning theory - thesis: therefore it is necessary to introduce intensional entities for a meaning theory.

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Loar I
B. Loar
Mind and Meaning Cambridge 1981

Loar II
Brian Loar
"Two Theories of Meaning"
Truth and Meaning, G. Evans/J. McDowell, Oxford 1976

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