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Operationalism: is a propagated epistemological approach originally by P.W. Bridgman (“The Logic of Modern Physics”, 1927), according to which scientific terms should be defined by measurement methods in order to make them objective and independent of human consciousness. See also terms, definitions, objectivity,

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I 37
Operationalism: Science is a system of rules for the exploration of the world in the laboratory - linguistically: how are the words used? - InstrumentalismVsEmpiricism: useful concepts are not only those which can be traced back to the sense data. - Theories and laws of nature are only instruments to make the environment understandable. True/false do not exist as properties of theories. - Idealism: since all knowledge is filtered through our minds, we are never sure if there is a connection to reality. I 42 OperationalismVsEmpiricism: theories may also be invented - therefore, the observer receives a more important role.
I 41f
VsOperationalism/Barrow: asks what is measurable. Therefore, he must exclude complex and irrational numbers. - Fragmentation of science: every time we use a different method of measurement, we need to consider a number as a different variable. - Circular: operationalism presumes that we know what an permissible operation is. - Problem: certain concepts may only be used when sensitive devices allow accurate measurements - ((s) thus excluding something in the future.)

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John D. Barrow
Warum die Welt mathematisch ist Frankfurt/M. 1996

John D. Barrow
Die Natur der Natur: Die philosophischen Ansätze der modernen Kosmologie Heidelberg 1993

John D. Barrow
Die Entdeckung des Unmöglichen. Forschung an den Grenzen des Wissens Heidelberg 2001

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