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Operators, logic: operators are symbols for performing a function, e.g. and; or; if; then; etc.
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I 157f
Operator / sets / Field: from the operator exactly the same things that are __, the tings that are __ are obtained plus predicate functor {x I ...}.
I 220
Problem of actuality / Field: can not be solved by an actuality Operator - ((s) there is no point in just setting an operator before an expression.)
I 222
Problem of Quantities / possible worlds / Field: with possible worlds and cross world identity we could avoid the possibility operator - FieldVs: we wanted to avoid the ontology of pace-time-regions. - possible worlds / Field: only heuristically harmless.
~ I 249
Ontology / Theory / Mathematics / Anti-Realism / Field: e.g. metalogical terms such as consistency: instead of the predicate "the theory has the property of consistency": Operator: "It is consistent that the conjunction of the axioms is true" - ((s) ontologically economical - operator instead of a predicate.)

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