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Ontological dependency: ontological dependency exists between objects, if the one object cannot exist without the other existing, e.g. a house roof cannot exist without a house, but a tank without filling. In the course of time it can be argued that later stages of development depend ontologically on earlier stages. See also qua objects, dependency, mereology.

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I 16f
Holism/Esfeld: generic ontological dependence: not existence, but: with respect to having some determined characteristics, a thing depends ont.gen. on that there are other things - the parts have their characteristic properties only as a whole (ontologically or metaphysically (Esfeld per)) - generic: further specification available: E.g. nothing has just a mass (without quantity), all physical quantities are generic - opposite: determined.
I 36
ontological dependence necessary instead of mere functional dependence - isolation does not destroy H - but properties that work in isolation as well, are not holistic properties - no functional definition is sufficient - instead: ontological dependence.

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Es I
M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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