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Ontology: is the set of material or immaterial objects, of which a theory assumes that it can make statements about them. According to classical logic, an existence assumption must be assumed. In other fields of knowledge, the question of whether relations really exist or are merely mental constructs, is not always regarded as decisive as long as one can work with them. Immaterial objects are e.g. linguistic structures in linguistics. See also existence, mathematical entities, theoretical entities, theoretical terms, reality, metaphysics, semantic web.

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IV 40
Ontology/Lewis: for me it consists in iterative quantity theory with individuals - the only unorthodox strait is my view of what individuals there are - part-whole relation: for me, it relates to individuals, not quantities - quantities/possible worlds: therefore there is no quantity in a world in the sense of being part - quantities: E.g. numbers, properties, propositions, events - even a sequence of possible individuals (all from the same world) is strictly speaking not itself (as a quantity) in this world - figures: quantities - they are not more localized in the logical space than in spacetime. They even exist from the perspective of all worlds - Properties: quantities (of individuals) - propositions: quantities - Event: quantities.
Schwarz I 232
Ontology/Lewis/(s): all attributed to the distribution of properties instead of objects: a priori reductionism of everything.
Schwarz I 233
Ontology/explanation/theory/Lewis/Schwarz/(s): Analysis/LewisVsArmstrong: looks for definitions ArmstrongVsLewis: for true-makers - "Schwarz: this is the difference between analysis and necessary implication.

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