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Object language, philosophy: The object language is the language in which something is said or written in a situation. In contrast, comments and evaluations of what is said or written are invariably written in a metalanguage when the original utterance is mentioned or quoted in it. Metalanguage is thus language about language. Object language is used to mention objects, metalanguage is used to mention linguistic ways of expression. See also metalanguage, mention, use, quotation.
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Horwich I 116
Object language/metalanguage/m.l./o.l./Tarski: both have only a relative sense! The metalanguage may be the object language (if we examine the concept of truth in the metalanguage - ​​and if we want a truth-definition for the metalanguage, we need a new meta-meta-language. - Semantic concepts should be introduced into the metalanguage by defining only.
I 118
Names of the expressions of the object language appear in the metalanguage, but can perhaps be interpreted in the object language.

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