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Objectivity: is a property of determinations about facts. It is assumed that the properties attributed to the facts are determined by the facts and are not, or as little as, influenced by the attributing person. In order to determine whether this requirement is fulfilled, consideration must be given to the methods of access to information. This goes beyond the facts considered.

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I 139
Subjective/objective/Wright: why do we not simply express all our "opinions about the strange with "I find .."? Answer: it is useful to have the objectified form of community, because often we can quite rightly accept a community response to the strange. ((s) otherwise the strange would not exist in the form in which we know it).
I 139/40
There are terms that are too simple to argue about (> Wittgenstein, arithmetic): E.g. the content of arithmetic assertions like "57 + 65 = 122" does not say anything about consensus and has therefore no logical consequences. - But there would also be no standard of correctness to satisfy if not on every basal level could be a consensus presupposed.
I 216
Representation/Wright: in contrast to that, the representative character of judgments e.g. on the forms of a children's puzzles has to do with: how very different we may be biologically constituted, or which natural laws would be effective, the variety of judgments must be seen as a symptom for cognitive dysfunction.

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Wri I
Crispin Wright
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

Georg Henrik von Wright
Erklären und Verstehen Hamburg 2008

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