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Nobody, some, philosophy: These expressions are not suitable for individualizing objects. The question is what status they have in the everyday language if they do not meet the requirements of the determinateness.
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Def someone / anyone / Cresswell: can be called "nominal" (noun phrase, NP). They are higher level functors on one-place predicates. E.g. if a is a predicate, then a sentence that says that this predicate is true of someone - name: common names also can be used as nominal (NP are considered, but while a name can always be treated as a NP , a NP can not be treated as a name - e.g. "someone" can not be treated as a name - (noun phrase, NP) are treated as name - descriptons: are nominals.

Cr I
M. J. Cresswell
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M. J. Cresswell
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