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Non-existence, philosophy: non-existence is not simply expressible for the classical predicate logic which attributes properties through quantification in the form of (Ex)(Fx) "There is at least one x, with the property F" (in short "There is at least one F"), since existence is not a property. The form "There is at least one x that does not exist" is contradictory. See also existence predicate, "There is", existence, unicorn example, pegasus example, round square, proof of God's existence.

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I 47
Nonexistence/Unicorn-example/truth-value gap/Frege: E.g. unicorn: sentences about non-existent objects are without truth value. - Predicates cannot be switched on or be denied. - The thought is the same whether the name refers (>"meaning"/Frege = reference) or not. For the terminology: see Fregean Sense.
- - -
V 102
Name/non-existence/Frege: that the name has a reference is not a condition that it belongs to the language - but vice versa.
I 107
Nonexistence/meaning/FregeVsMeinong/FregeVsRussell: there are quite a lot contradictory terms. - Only no contradictory objects. - The logic may determine only the limitation of terms. - That is, for each object, whether it falls within the definition, or not - a contradictory term is used to prove that there is no corresponding object.
IV 110
Nonexistence/Frege: proper names: a name that refers to nothing, is logically meaningless. - But not a concept under which nothing falls - for a name to be entitled it is necessary that the appropriate term is sharp.
IV 111
Therefore the term should precede the scope.

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G. Frege
Logische Untersuchungen Göttingen 1993

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