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Negation, philosophy, logic: negation of a sentence. In logic, this is done by prefixing the negation symbol. Colloquially expressed by the word "not", which can be at different positions in the sentence. If the negation refers only to one sentence part, this must be made clear by the position, e.g. a predicate can be denied without negating the whole sentence. In logic, therefore, inner and outer negation is distinguished by the use of different symbols.
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I 157
Negation/Frege: does not distinguish between internal and external negation.
I 325
Terms/Negation/Wessel: singular terms and categorical terms (which include everything) can not be negated - general terms can be negated - negation of singular terms: only possible in a range of 2 items and again leads to a singular term - "non-object": no term! - Negation of "swimmer" is not "non-swimmers".

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H. Wessel
Logik Berlin 1999

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