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Naturalism, philosophy: The view that we must regard the phenomena which meet us, even those which we consider to be our own states, as processes controlled by laws of nature. Their understandability is not guaranteed. See also nature, naturalized epistemology.
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I 131
Naturalism/Popper: the view according to which the methodology is an empirical science - for example, a study of the actual behavior of scientists, or procedures - can be called naturalistic. PopperVsNaturalist: does not notice that he makes determinations, where he suspected findings.
I 116
Naturalism: Positivism conceives the problem of demarcation "naturalistic": not as a question of a suitable fixing, but as a question of an existing, so to speak, "natural" difference between empirical science and metaphysics.

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K. Popper
Objektive Erkenntnis Hamburg 1993

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