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Names, proper names, philosophy: the status of proper names is a relatively new philosophical problem. S. A. Kripke has treated it as one of the first in “Naming and Necessity” (three lectures at Princeton University 1970, reprint Cambridge, 1980). Against the traditional bundle theory, according to which the meaning of names lies in the properties, or at least in the essential properties of their bearers, Kripke develops a causal theory of the names, which ultimately goes back to a baptism in the broader sense. The decisive point is that the name is associated with the person but it is not required that the person has any additional properties. See also causal theory, possible worlds, rigidity, rigid designators, descriptions.
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VII 16
Names/Strawson: proper names have no meaning. Ignorance of the name is not linguistic ignorance.
I 222
Names/adjective/Strawson: also names can be adjectival: E.g. Napoleonic, Russian, even with auxiliary verb is a Hitler.
I 224
But: Napoleonic gesture is not connecting gesture with Napoleon but between gesture and similarity principle of the summary which is made possible by Napoleon - but: Ramsey we probably say wisdom is a characteristic of Socrates, but not: wisdom sokratizes (wrong) - particular cannot be predicted - Solution: Language has a pseudo-universal: be feature of.
I 226
Only pseudo-universal. otherwise regress: characterized through being characterized by...
VI 386 ~
Names/general term/Strawson: cannot be derived syntactically.
VII 113
Names/Strawson: Meaning not object - (confusion of utterance and use) - Reference: Expressions plus context - referencing does not mean to say that you refer - (steps).
VII 122
StrawsonVsRussell/VsQuine: Summit of circularity: names to treat as camouflaged descriptions - names are chosen arbitrarily or conventionally - otherwise names would be descriptive.
VII 122
Quasi names/Strawson: Glorious Revolution, Blue Grotto, Patriotic War.

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