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Names, proper names, philosophy: the status of proper names is a relatively new philosophical problem. S. A. Kripke has treated it as one of the first in “Naming and Necessity” (three lectures at Princeton University 1970, reprint Cambridge, 1980). Against the traditional bundle theory, according to which the meaning of names lies in the properties, or at least in the essential properties of their bearers, Kripke develops a causal theory of the names, which ultimately goes back to a baptism in the broader sense. The decisive point is that the name is associated with the person but it is not required that the person has any additional properties. See also causal theory, possible worlds, rigidity, rigid designators, descriptions.
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Bertrand Russell
Russell: logical proper names: this: identity without empirical investigation, therefore the only correct name.
Geach I 28~ ff
Name/Frege/Russell: refers to the bearer.

Russell VI 11
Names/Russell: proper names are abbreviated descriptions, but both do not play the role of singular terms.
VI 12
Nnames/FregeVs Russell: singular term.

VII 346 (where -?)
Names/Russell/Frege/Wittgenstein: Meaning: most of all we are talking about our ideas and knowledge of the carrier.

Newen/Schrenk I 90
Names/proper names/Russell: names are nothing but abbreviations for descriptions.

VI 70~
Names/Russell: not just words for particulars: E.g. Socrates is a description for us! - Names do not appear in Principia Mathematica, only general objects are interesting there. - Acquaintance brings full information, no more possible.
VI 80
Russell: names can be abbreviated descriptions: E.g. The man who did this and that = Socrates - but vice versa. certain descriptions are not names: otherwise tautology: Scott = Scott -> Quine: names are hidden descriptions.

B. Russell/A.N. Whitehead
Principia Mathematica Frankfurt 1986

B. Russell
Das ABC der Relativitätstheorie Frankfurt 1989

B. Russell
Probleme der Philosophie Frankfurt 1967

B. Russell
Die Philosophie des logischen Atomismus
Eigennamen, U. Wolf (Hg), Frankfurt 1993

B. Russell
Wahrheit und Falschheit
Wahrheitstheorien, G. Skirbekk (Hg), Frankfurt 1996

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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