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II 660
Astral body/mysticism/Nozick: Suppose we have a theory that in a dream a body leaves the sleeping body. - Problem: if one dreams of others, must there astral bodies also arrive there? - Problem: if many dream of Marilyn Monroe, but she does not dream of so many.
II 157
Mysticism/Nozick: mystical experiences might as well be more superficial. - They do not show that they are "deeper".
II 154
People have always difficulty to describe it - but sounds and colors are not hard to describe - Incorrect use of "indescribable".
II 158
If the reality is as the mystic says, but the knowledge of it brings no evolutionary advantage, we should not expect that brain states were selected to display the reality as it is (namely, as the mystics experienced). - Meditation/"as few thoughts as possible": should we believe that there is something that corresponds to this experience? - That depends on what we believe, what meditation creates, if there were no such underlying reality. - E.g. what would the amplifier amplify if we take out the CD? - To adopt an unusual reality, would be a mistake - If a particular experience adjusts each time in the procedure (meditation), it is an artifact. - Rigid coupling shows nothing. (> Covariance)
II 160
The mystical experience does not show why it is there. - Mysticism/Nozick: I take it seriously - if not, you should justify this.

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No I
R. Nozick
Philosophical Explanations Oxford 1981

R., Nozick
The Nature of Rationality 1994

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