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Possibility, philosophy: something is possible if it cannot be excluded. This has to be distinguished from the concept of contingency that expresses that something could have been different.

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I 8
Def possibility/Stalnaker: a way in which the world can be - but just as the concept of truth does not say what is true and that of existence what exists, the term possibility does not say which possibilities there are.
I 66
Possibility/criterion/Lewis/Stalnaker: there is no criterion for possibility. - Solution: understand what is possible rather than to decide about it - E.g. whether water could have been something else than H2O - ultimately it is about understanding expressions - not about the status of worlds (poss.wo. or imposs.wo.).
I 170
Possibility/Stalnaker: can only be described by way of its possible implementation. -
I 171
It is useful to distinguish options from the language in which they are being described. It is not excluded that one thing can be reduced to the other in the end.
I 172
Assertion: a main function of assertions is to transmit information by distinguishing between possibilities.

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Sta I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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