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Possible World: entity that can be quantified over. There ist a dispute over the question whether possible worlds exist or are only assumed for purposes of proofs of completeness. See also actual world, modal logic, modal realism, realism, actualism, possibility, possibilia, quantification.
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Frank I 329 ~
possible world / Lewis: only publicly accessible physical objects, no premises, no propositional knowledge, extensional (E.g. 2 omniscient Gods) - CastanedaVsLewis: but private items and indicator phrases ("I", "here", "now") are individuable in possible worlds (intensional) - Lewis: if access to possible worlds is limited perspectively, then worse: we no longer know what we believe propositionally, because propositions would no longer be transparent as sets of possible worlds -
Frank I 357
possible world / CastanedaVsLewis: not suitable as accusative of thinking: as sets too much extended - not intensional.

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H.-N. Castaneda
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Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
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