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Models, philosophy, logic: A model is obtained when a logical formula provides true statements by inserting objects instead of the free variables. One problem is the exclusion of unintended models. See also model theory.

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I 107
Definition ω model/Putnam: for a set theory is a model in which the natural numbers are ordered, "as it should be", that means, the sequence of "the natural numbers" of the model a ω-sequence.
I 109f
Countable/over-countable/uncountable/infinity/Loeweheim/Putnam: E.g. an instrument that will detect the presence of a particle within a volume, will at most give countable measurements - but is the instrument shifted by r centimeters and r can be any real number, then there are over-countable many measurements - N.B.: then operational conditions cannot be identified with the totality of facts that can be observed, but only with the actual observed. - If the shifted intervals are then rational, there are only a countable number of facts. - Loewenheim: Then, a model can be constructed that matches with all facts. - Counterfactual conditional: with a predicate "makes subjunctive necessary" for not occurred cases a model can be constructed that induces an interpretation of counterfactual speech that makes precisely those counterfactual conditionals true that are according to some completion to our theory true - that means, the appeal to counterfactual observations cannot exclude models. -> Wittgenstein: the question of what God could calculate, is a matter within the math and cannot determine the interpretation of mathematics. (PU §§ 193,352,426).
II 112
There are possible set theory with and without the axiom of choice. - Skolem: we should assign a truth value only as a part of a previously accepted theory.

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