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Minimalism, philosophy: here, in particular, minimalist truth theories. The thesis of minimalism is that truth can be gained from the W-schema by Tarski Wr (S) <> p (e.g. "snow is white" is true if and only if snow is white) without accepting additional objects. It differs from deflationism in that it does not deny truth any substantial properties. See also deflationism, disquotationalism, inflationism, truth theory, truth definition, truth.

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I 52
Definition minimalism/Wright: Ingredients: (i) the equivalent scheme "it is true that P if and only if P, (ii) "P" says that P, (iii) a sentence can be characterized as true if its proposition is true, (iv) the validity of the modus tollens, (v) that it is not malicious, "P" corresponds to the facts "more than" "the things are as "P" says that they are" - recognizes truth as a real property.(VsDeflationism)
I 102f
Minimalism/Wright: neutral between anti-realism: (Super-assertibility) and Realism: evidence transcendental truth.
I 225
Minimal capacity for truth/Wright more than minimal capacity for truth: if the facts must be mentioned in the best explanation of our true beliefs to which the beliefs relate.
I 267ff ~
Global Minimalism/Wright: ... it could be a global minimalism concluded rather than a total skepticism: all meanings and the truth are only at the most minimal capable of truth.
I 271
Boghossian: Global minimalism, Non-Factualism: related to meaning, not truth: there is no property that a word means something, hence no fact - attracts global non-factualism unlike any other non-factualism.
I 285
Boghossian: "global minimalism": with the truth also all meaning tilts.

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Wri I
Crispin Wright
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

Georg Henrik von Wright
Erklären und Verstehen Hamburg 2008

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