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Metaphor: a metaphor is the transmission of a linguistic expression into a different context than that in which it was expected. The expectation results from the frequency of previous uses in certain contexts. Through the transmission an expression, which is actually expected at this place in the speech, is replaced. The condition for replacement is a certain similarity between the characteristics of the old and the new expression required for understanding. The improbability of the appearance of the new expression is a condition for the rhetorical effect of the metaphor.

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Rorty III 117
Metaphor/HabermasVsRorty: considers Rorty's aestheticizing speech of metaphor, concept renewal and self-discovery as an unfortunate fascination of the idea of the "world-developing function of language", which, in contrast to the "problem-solving" function of language steps into "inner-worldly practice".
III 118
Habermas/Kuhn/Rorty: Habermas is ready to accept from Kuhn that "the languages of science and technology, law and morality, economics and politics live on the luminosity of metaphorical speeches."
III 119
RortyVsHabermas: Habermas is more afraid of a 'romantic upheaval' like Hitler and Mao have shown it before than of a suffocating effect that the encrusted societies can have. He is more afraid of autonomy than what Foucault called the "bio-power" of the experts.
III 120
Rorty VsHabermas: I am very suspicious of the idea of a "universal validity" (metaphysics). This claim is no longer credible if one is convinced of the "contingency of language".

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Ro I
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