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Features, philosophy: Features are fundamentally characteristics, however in the philosophical terminology according to Frege it has become natural to speak of (necessary) characteristics, but in objects of (contingent) properties. Objects do not have their properties necessarily, they can always be different. Concepts, on the other hand, have their characteristics necessarily. E.g. that circles are round is a necessary characteristic of the concept circle, but not a necessary property of drawn circles. It is, however, not the concept which has the characteristic itself, but the objects which fall under it.
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II 76
Property / feature / Frege: something can be both feature and property, but not of the same! - A feature of a term may be property of an object - ((s) features of concepts are essential.) -
I 86
Term / Feature / property / object / Frege: object: has properties: - concept: has features: eg, the statement that there is no right-angled equilateral triangle, expresses a feature of the concept. - existence / Frege: not property of things but characteristic (feature) of a term. - FregeVsAnselm: therefore fails the ontological proof of God.

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