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Mentalism, philosophy of the mind: the assumption that there are inner, mental objects that play causal or functional roles in the formation of attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, feelings, etc. These roles are rather understood as processes by theories, which are opposed to mentalism. See also intensional objects, thought objects.
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II 215
Mentalism / Black: "mental units": images, ideas, thoughts, concepts, or ideas - BehaviorismusVs: unverifiable - Morris: with mentalism a science of signs would not be possible - II 216 BlackVsMentalism: how can I determine the occurrence of idea in a listener? Not by ransfering my idea on you : how could that work?

Bla I
Max Black
Bedeutung und Intention
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, G. Meggle (Hg), Frankfurt/M 1979

Bla II
M. Black
Sprache M√ľnchen 1973

M. Black
The Prevalence of Humbug Ithaca/London 1983

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