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Multi-valued logic: a logic that assumes more than the two classical truth values true and false. There are trivalent logics with possibility or indeterminacy as a third value. For tetravalent logics there are e.g. ¼ or ¾ as additional values that introduce a gradation in the rating. In the case of infinite-valued logics, the truth values can be interpreted as probability values.
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II 144
Three-valued logic/Kleene/Field: Def correct/Kleene: an assertion is correct only if it has the highest of the three truth values. Field: Problem: not all of Tarski’s biconditionals remain correct. Even E.g. "If A, then A" is not generally assertible. Therefore, the Kleene logic is weak. - "If A then A" is not generally assertible -> Restall: "n-fold jump" ... + ...
II 145
Material conditional/Three-valued logic/Kleene/Field: the materal conditional is a conditional that has one of the two highest truth values. - So the Curry paradox is impossible: "If this statement is true, then p".

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