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Logical proper name: e.g. this, that. According to B. Russell's earlier theory, they are the only real names. Logical proper names are not the same as demonstratives. See also acquaintance ,demonstratives.

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Ludwig Wittgenstein on Logical Proper Names - Dictionary of Arguments

Hintikka I 94 ff
This/Logical Proper Name/Russell: "this" is a (logical) proper name.
WittgensteinVsRussell/Philosophical Studies: The indicative "this" can never become bearerless, but that does not make it a name." (Philosophical Investigation § 45)
I 95
According to Russell's early theory, there are only two logical proper names in our language for particular objects apart from the ego, namely "this" and "that". You introduce them by pointing at them.
Hintikka: of these concrete Russellian objects it is true in the true sense of the word that they cannot be pronounced, but only named. (> Mention/Use/Saying/> Showing).
Hintikka I 95
Saying/Pointing/Showing/Logical Proper Names/Russell/Hintikka: "this" cannot be expresed (pronounced) - only named - ((s) > Mention / >Use) - ((s) "This" cannot express the thing in absence of the thing). - ((s) The object cannot be mentioned by the logical proper name.)
I 102
We can only point to the objects of acquaintance.

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