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Logical proper name: e.g. this, that. According to B. Russell's earlier theory, they are the only real names. Logical proper names are not the same as demonstratives. See also acquaintance ,demonstratives.
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VII 111
Logical proper names / StrawsonVsRussell: "This" is no log pr. name: one must know what the phrase means in order to respond to it
Tugendhat I 387/388
Logical proper names / StrawsonVsRussell: are merely fictional, no ambiguous name but a deictic expression, it has a uniform meaning and shall refer to different objects (according to the use in different situations) - TugendhatVsRussell: overlooks the fact that the same objects may also be referred to by other terms - TugendhatVsStrawson: overlooked the fact that he himself presupposed Russell’s theory.

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