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Everyday language translation/logical form/(s): E.g. Lewis: ExEv(Vx&Ww& ~EwEy(Ww&ywGxv)) - (There is a conceivable thing x and a world v so that for no world x and thing y the size of y in w surpasses that of x in v) - Elements: Ex(Vx...: there is a conceivable thing x: so that…. & ~Ew(Ww...): so that for no world & EwEy(Ww &...): so that for a world w and a thing y… (thing y simply from Ey): thing y in world.

Explanation of symbols: Roman numerals indicate the source, arabic numerals indicate the page number. The corresponding books are indicated on the right hand side. ((s)…): Comment by the sender of the contribution.

D. Lewis
Die Identität von Körper und Geist Frankfurt 1989

D. Lewis
Konventionen Berlin 1975

D. Lewis
Philosophical Papers Bd I New York Oxford 1983

D. Lewis
Philosophical Papers Bd II New York Oxford 1986

LwCl I
Cl. I. Lewis
Mind and the World Order: Outline of a Theory of Knowledge (Dover Books on Western Philosophy) 1991

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