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Learning: learning is acquiring the ability to establish relationships between signs, symptoms or symbols and objects. This also includes e.g. recognition and recollection of patterns, similarities, sensory perceptions, self-perception, etc. In the ideal case, the ability to apply generalizations to future cases is acquired while learning. See also knowledge, knowledge-how, competence.
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Rorty II 21
Davidson/Rorty: There is no such thing as a language, there is nothing one can learn or master. (Rather provisional theories). No conventions, how we communicate.
Dav I 10
Stimulus/reaction/learning/Davidson: Thesis: would some selection mechanisms not be innate, none could be learned - stimulus is not perceptible in itself, it cannot be explained in a noncircular manner. Instead of one, two classes of events or objects: a) tables which are similar in a relevant manner b) responses that are also seen in a similar way - with this relevant stimuli can be identified: by triangulation: lines intersect.
I 16
In order for the reactions of a person to be considered thoughts, they must have the concept of an object - the concept of the stimulus. So that one of the bell or the table - identification: since the bell or the table is identified only by means of the average of two (or more) sets of similarity reactions (lines of thought), having a bell-concept consists in recognizing the presence of the triangle, of one whose vertex is oneself.
Frank I 669 ~
Burge/Davidson/Putnam: historical learning situation. But no social community needed "twin earth water" in the area. The language usage is always "water". - Authority/Putnam/Burge: is thereby threatened - Davidson: one can learn "moon" correctly without ever having seen it.

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