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Mind Body problem: the question of how thinking and sensibility arise from matter, and how the relationship of the mental and the material without which the mental (psychic, psychical) is not possible can be explained. See also substance, res Cogitans, dualism, monism, identity theory, materialism, physicalism, functionalism.
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Mind-body problem / area / Maturana: physicality (corporeality) and behavior are two non-overlapping areas - they are coupled in their realization, however, because a living system operates as structurally determined - Physiology: disassembled into parts - in contrast: behavior: interactions (as wholes) - separate areas: solutions for mind-body problem: language depends on physicality, but does not act in its field - this solves the problem of consciousness, self, soul - mind-body: recursive coupling of the areas of behavior and physiology.

Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realit├Ąt Frankfurt 2000

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