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Lambda Calculus, philosophy: The lambda calculus provides a way to avoid problems related to paradoxes, since, unlike the quantification of predicate logic, it does not make any existence assumptions. Where the quantification (Ex)(Fx) is translated colloquially as "There is an x with the property F" (in short "Something is F"), the translation of the corresponding form in the Lambda calculus is "An x, so that...". See also 2nd order logic.
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Lamdaoperator / abstraction operator / Prior: is not equivalent with abstract nouns. It does not refer to properties, for it cannot replace the name variable - (s) adjunction of characteristics: no problem: "something f-s or y-s" - but not "the property of f-ing-or-y-ing" as an abstract entity - solution: "A v C "(either A-ing or C-ing" - not an abstract noun, but complex verb that forms a sentence - LO is necessary if one wants to formulate laws on propositions.

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A. Prior
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Pri II
Arthur N. Prior
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