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Criteria: do not follow from a definition but must be developed. The criteria for the application of a concept to an object are more concerned with language practice in a community. E.g. the definition of truth does not provide a criterion for which sentences are true.
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Richard Rorty
III 26
Criteria/Rorty: the search for criteria is the search for a hidden nature.
Horwich I 447
Criterion of truth/idealism/Rorty: coherence.
V 25
Criterion/Justification/Rorty: E.g. criteria-less justification: Democracy/Churchill: is the worst form that you can imagine, except for all the others that have been tried - ((s) List instead of criteria.)
VI 8f
Criterion: justification is a criterion for truth - truth/Rorty: undefinable. (like Davidson).
VI 58f
Criterion/Criteria/Rorty: our criteria are determined by our purposes - not by nature - nature is not divided into inputs.

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