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Correspondence Theory: truth as correspondence of statements with objects resp. situations in the world. The correspondence theory is a thesis about truth, not about the world. See also mapping relation, representation, picture theory, coherence theory

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FregeVsCorrespondence Theory: the meaning of an expression which is not a sentence must be explained starting with its contribution to the determination of the meaning.
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FregeVsCorrespondence Theory: The expression is a contribution, not the object of the sentence. > Compositionality.
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FregeVsCorrespondence Theory: any attempt to define truth is a headless undertaking. If truth of a sentence were ownership of this or that property, then you would have to decide your own truth by deciding the truth of another sentence! (Regress).
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Dummett/Frege: Context PrincipleVsCorrespondence Theory - Context PrincipleVsCoherence Theory:
The meaning is not predefined. - The representatives of the coherence theory ask incorrectly about the proposition instead of the sentence.

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G. Frege
Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik Stuttgart 1987

G. Frege
Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung Göttingen 1994

G. Frege
Logische Untersuchungen Göttingen 1993

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