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Convention T: is part of the theory of truth by A. Tarski, which contains the demand that in the so-called W-schema Tr(x) <> p with the example instance "snow is white" is true, if and only if snow is white, the right side of the equivalence, is so that p is a translation of the expression x on the left side into the meta-language of the theory, whereby the meta-language must be inter alia rich enough to contain the predicate "is true". From this follows a derivability of arbitrarily many other instances of the schema.

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I 66
Truth/PutnamVsTarski: his convention theory does not clarify the concepts of truth and reference, because it uses the concepts of the "designation" of a sentence and of "following from something" - these are (too?) closely related to truth and reference. - PutnamVsSellars: his analysis of the designation is not helpful: "wheel" plays the role of "Rad" in English. - This is not a description of the role, but the name of the role! - ((s) Those who know neither of both know nothing.)
II 89f
Definition Convention Theory/Tarski/Putnam: the requirement that all sentences from the language S are equivalent with the corresponding sentence of the metalanguage MS. - Putnam: this only determines the extension of "true" only when the connectives are interpreted classically and not intuitionistically. - Intuitionistically it would be about "provable". - Tarski: "electron refers" is equivalent to "There are electrons". - Intuitionistically: there is a description D, so that "D is an electron" is provable in B1 - That could be true with the appropriate theory, even if there are no electrons. - Intuitionism: here, existence is intra-theoretical.

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Pu I
H. Putnam
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H. Putnam
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H. Putnam
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H. Putnam
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Pu V
H. Putnam
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SocPut I
Robert D., Putnam
Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community New York 2000

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